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Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is the most productive way to build web applications today. It is a fully featured object-oriented language that provides a consistent approach to building web applications with an out of the box architecture.

Business Solutions

We know enough to know that solving complex problems requires open and honest collaboration. We are enthusiastically invested in the interests of our clients, giving them the tools and processes to manage their business.

Design Matters

We help companies deliver meaningful experiences. Design is strategic, and impeccably designed systems, products, and services are really all that separate one organization from another.


One size does not fit all. From processing customer acquisition, to automating order fulfillment, every business has unique challenges that off-the-shelf solutions can't properly address. Worse yet, forcing a process change to fit into an existing solution is the sure fire way to damage a business' reputation and bottom line.

At EberTech, we pride ourselves on providing tailored solutions that satisfy our clients:

  • Business Practices
  • Accounting Standards
  • Existing Systems
  • Company Culture

Career Opporutnities

Ruby on Rails Hacker

You want...

  • to be part of a small, close-knit team
  • to work for a profitable company
  • an agile environment
  • Mac OS X as your development environment

You have...

  • worked on at least one high-performance, consumer-facing web site and / or a github account that speaks for itself
  • skills in all tiers of the web application stack
  • rewritten code to help yourself sleep better at night

You can...

  • navigate the command-line in a Linux environment
  • integrate ruby code with web service APIs
  • navigate and grok an existing, large code base
  • provide at least two professional references who will tell us you can (metaphorically) "walk on water"

You will...

  • write clean and performant code in Ruby, Javascript, HTML, CSS, and SQL
  • contribute to our bottom line through rigorous analytics and A/B testing
  • aggressively re-factor the codebase to improve its quality
  • use your skills to make the world better

Email your resume to jobs@ebertech.ca.

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